Sunday, January 3, 2010


One of the things that I got for a gift this Christmas was the money to get things to organize my craft room. When I was asked if this was something I would like, I nearly leapt through the phone at the person making the offer. Like!? I would LOVE to be able to do that.

I have these lovely dreams that involve having a really great space to do my papercrafting and stamping and a lovely organized walk in closet where my knitting and silk dyeing supplies live and are easily accessible. A whole space that really is all about creating.

I am itching to begin putting this all together.

One of the main benefits will be that I will know where everything is. Including patterns. Maybe even the sock pattern that I have knitted one full and one half sock of. Then I lost the pattern.

A few days ago, I thought I had found that pattern again online. I printed it off and started to try it out but it soon became VERY clear that something was wrong. Because I am a new sock knitter, I assumed it was because of something I had done. I ripped out the new rows and began again. Still wrong. Clearly I am REALLY off somewhere, so I frogged the whole thing and recast on. And then again because I didn't have enough tail for the long tail cast on. And then AGAIN because I STILL didn't have enough. Then I began the pattern again.

And suddenly, about three rows into things, I realize that this is, despite the name being the same, NOT the same sock pattern AT ALL. If I continue this sock, I will have made one sock of one style and another of a different style.

I figure that these are my FIRST socks and I can just tell anyone who questions me that I was "experimenting with beginner patterns". I doubt I'll get the question as these are going to be "around the house socks" and anyone who is "around" MY house, will probably not question these things. Either way, I'm really going to be happy when things are more organized.

And, you know, when i finally knit socks that match each other....

"I want to write a sock pattern. It will go like this: Cast on. Rib until you are sick of it. Do the leg. Make the heel flap. Turn the heel. Pick up stitches and knit the gusset, decreasing as you go. Knit the foot as long as it needs to be. Decrease for the toe. Close up the hole at the toe. You're done."

-Lee B. (My own personal knitting muse and the reason I play with string. I may have misquoted this, and my apologies if I have!)

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