Sunday, January 31, 2010

Re-Birth Mother

It seems that every week there is a "thing" on Facebook where you are supposed to put a picture up that relates to said "thing". One week it was old photos of yourself, one week it was fictional characters that you identify with, this week it is "Doppleganger Week" and one is supposed to post photos of some personage you are mistaken for, preferably a famous person.

For myself, I am most often mistaken for some random person named "Debbie". I have been stopped innumerable times by strangers calling out! "DEBBIE!!! OMG! I haven't seen you in forEVER!!" Whoever this Debbie person is, she has some very nice friends, lemme tell ya.

The most silly thing I have been mistaken for is a German. While in Europe. On my honeymoon. Okay, I packed so that everything I took coordinated with everything else and for some odd reason everything happened to be black or grey. Okay, so I had a haircut that included bangs which does make me look decidedly Eastern Bloc. But why was I German? Two reasons: 1) I spoke Spanish or French to the waiter I had every morning in the hotel, and clearly an American would not do that. And 2) I stood up straight. This last opinion was given by an AMERICAN woman walking behind my then husband and I as to why she and her companion couldn't ask us for directions.

However, the most astute look alike statement came from a dear friend who posited that I look like the love child of Bette Midler and Bernadette Peters. I am inclined to agree and if my photoshop skills were up to the task I would whip up said conglomeration and post it on my Facebook page toute de suite!

As to whom I feel I resemble most, I am firmly in the Bette Midler camp. Mostly on personality these days. And, I would kill to have her body. (Yes, Ms. Midler, I would KILL to have those curves!) Plus I'm feeling a bit like her character in "Ruthless People" these days. You know, Barbara Stone? The woman who is kidnapped and uses the time to transform herself into someone else?

Yeah, I am feeling a bit like that. I may even put a picture of Barbara Stone in my cubicle or bathroom to remind myself to use this time wisely. LOL!

It seems my separated-at-birth-mother plays a lot of strong, amazing, transformational women. I gotta say that I like that, and always have. And in that case, The Divine Miss M is a pretty good person to be mistaken for.

"I always try to balance the light with the heavy - a few tears of human spirit in with the sequins and the fringe"
-Bette Midler

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