Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Worthy of the Task

The amusing thing is that now I"m starting to really LIKE my house looking nice and getting irritated with seeing messes. I'm constantly picking up and doing stuff. And now when I do it, it is not a nagging voice that is in my head saying to do these things but a sort of almost cheerful voice reminding me how much I love it when I can find everything and know where stuff is. And telling me that I can do more in 15 minutes that I think I can so just try for 15 minutes and see what happens.

This last phenomenon is so amazing I can't even believe it. Seriously, I set a timer for 15 minutes and GO! And, wow, most stuff that I hated to do because it was "drudge work" is DONE in less than 15 minutes. So now, I just do a couple 15 minute bursts a day in each room that's already organized and it's super easy to upkeep.

Now, all of you that are looking at me like "DUUUUH! How did you not know this!" just...hush. I didn't know it. ANd now I do. And I like it. And my house likes it. So there nyah.

Am I perfect now? Heaven's no!!! There are three places yet to be organized:

Master Bedroom:
I still have to slog through all the crap that landed on the floor. I've gotten MOST of the clothing picked up and either hung up or sorted for wash. The rest of the shit on the floor will be easy. 95% is getting thrown out. The other 5% will get put away. All this is slated to happen on Friday night. I'm setting the timer for 30 minutes in there with small breaks in between until it's done. Really, 30 minutes more should get me through the grand majority of the clothing and a good chunk of the throwing shit out.

Craft Room:
Here it really amounts to just putting things where I want them. And maybe a little more purging of the stuff while I do that. I purged a LOT when I was cleaning it up, so there might not be that much to do.

There are a few remaining items from the remodel in there: a mirror that hung in one of the bathrooms at one time that I want to repurpose somehow, some old trim pieces that are going in the garbage next week and two open bags of sanded grout I couldn't return. (What DOES one do with extra bags of sanded grout that are already open? I really don't know. Anyone need sanded grout? I got some!)

Storage Garage:
This is a biggie. It will happen on a warm spring day. There will be massive purging of crap. There may be the rental of a dumpster involved. And at long last my books will make it into the house.

I'd like there to be shelving out there eventually, but I can wait on that. Mostly I really just want to go through it, throw out 3/4 of it and then organize the rest. Luckily, I had a fabulous friend help me make the first inroads to doing this when he aided me in getting my christmas decorations out. Now there is a dedicated space for them to go that is easily gotten to. Yay!

Part of me wants to sit and berate myself for taking so long for getting this together. I mean, honestly, I'm thirty*cough* and it took me this long to figure out how to keep a clean living area? And that I actually LIKE IT when things are organized so it's totally WORTH the little work to get things that way? Yeah, yeah it did. Some people never figure out what they actually like and that they are actually WORTH keeping things how they like. I'm very grateful I did so when I still have over half of my life left to enjoy it.

"As you develop your feelings of self-worth, your very purity and strength will begin to purge out anything and anyone negative surrounding you. You will also start to attract people and situations that honor who you truly are and enhance your own positive energy. Eventually, this will lead to changes in you external environment."

(Edited By) Caroline Reynolds,
from "Spiritual Fitness"

(Small sidebar: I attempt to make every effort to correctly attribute quotes to their original source. I found this quote on and I have attributed it as they had it there. If you ever see that I have made an error, please let me know, as I would like to correct it. Thank you!)

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